Same Day Service (Premium Service) – Get your Visa within 24 hours.

We are registered with the UKBA to lodge same day service applications on your behalf. By way of process, we lodge the applications your behalf in person at the Home Office in Croydon and a decision is received later that same day. This service is particularly useful for those of you who have urgent travel plans or for those who simply do not wish to wait several months for a (postal) decision from the Home Office. You are not required to attend the Home Office either.

As the UKBA registered immigration consultants of 3 level, we are allowed a to submit and represent on behalf of our clients certain types of applications directly in person to the UKBA and obtain a decision on the same day.  You do not need to attend the Home Office. This means our clients’ do not have to wait for months before making their application at the Public Enquiry Office in Croydon. This is a hassle free, efficient route to obtain a same-day decision in certain kind of applications.

This page describes the types of application that you can normally make in person at a public enquiry office in the UK. Some offices cannot handle all types of application, so you should check individual offices’ details for any exceptions.

However, certain application (e.g. FLR (M)) cannot be lodged by representatives and those are cases where the individual’s biometrics are required, although a premium service is still available. In those cases, the applicant is required to attend in person.

Our office cannot consider your application if you are:

Our office can represent the following kind of applications:

Applications for settlement or extension of stay

Specific jobs

Points-based system

Medical studies

Government and military

Applications for registration certificates – European citizens (Croydon only)

If you are a citizen of a country in the European Economic Area, you can apply for registration certificates at Croydon public enquiry office. Only limited numbers of appointments are available for this, but you will not have to pay a fee.

Applications on behalf of other people

The public enquiry offices are for personal applicants only. However, in exceptional circumstances you can make an application on behalf of someone else if you are their husband, wife, sister, brother, parent or legal guardian. You must carry a letter of authorisation signed by the applicant.

Return of documents (Croydon only)

If your travel documents are currently with the UK Border Agency but you urgently require them for travel, Croydon public enquiry office offers a service that can return those documents to you.